Professional Development Coaching

Professional Development Coaching can help the coachee fully develop the knowledge, confidence and skills they need to perform their role more effectively so they can contribute to the overall effectiveness of the organisation. It is a powerful tool that unlocks capability to improve individual and organisational performance:

  • It can enhance morale, motivation and productivity whilst reducing staff turnover
  • Coachees can develop an understanding of, and connection with, organisational objectives and vision
  • Coachees can gain a sense of their own worth and value to the organisation
  • It can help individuals and organisations cope with change
  • It can facilitate creative thinking
  • It can help develop new behaviours for professional growth
  • It can enable the coachee to develop confidence
  • It can help the coachee take responsibility for their own behaviours and actions, enabling them to change those that are unhelpful to them and the organisation


“A study by the International Personnel Management Association noted that ordinary training typically increased productivity by 22%, while training combined with coaching increased productivity by 88%” Arnold, J, Coaching Skills for Leaders in the Workplace

“Effective coaching can have a positive impact on an organisation. It can produce improved relationships and teamwork between staff at different levels. Employees have increased job satisfaction, which improves productivity and quality, and there is an overall improved use of people, skills and resources, as well as greater flexibility and adaptability to change. Organisational coaching can help to align individual performance with team and organisational objectives, maximise strengths, enhance communication between managers and teams, help individuals take ownership and responsibility for their behaviours and actions, and encourage individuals to stretch beyond their assumed constraints.”  Fielden, S,  for the NHS Modernisation Agency, Leadership Centre, Research into Leadership Literature Review: coaching effectiveness – a summary

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