A Clean Approach to Working with People

For staff working with a range of client groups (from social workers, children’s centre staff, school mentors, foster carers, etc),  A Clean Approach to Working with People course gives you tools and techniques to help the people you are working with make positive changes in their lives.  It teaches a highly effective and respectful approach to communication with others that leads to powerful results. Participants learn the Clean Questioning Technique and how and when to use it to good effect to get those they are working with to make progress and change in ways that are transformational for them. It equips staff with great questions for situations where they might otherwise be wondering "what do I say here?/what do I do?" It equips staff with the skills to build and maintain rapport with those they are supporting. It equips staff with the confidence to support people through difficult and challenging situations.

Clean questioning is a coaching tool that is used widely within the coaching industry, and is fast becoming recognised as an excellent tool for supporting others in a way that prevents the need for using more costly public service interventions.

Some of the benefits of using A Clean Approach to Working with People are:

  • It helps move people from problem to solution
  • It empowers people and builds confidence
  • It allows people to feel heard
  • It gives ownership of the problem or issue to the person bringing it to you
  • It creates motivation and drive to change
  • It enables those you are working with to come up with their own action plans and stick to them
  • It can achieve change/shifts/insights in very short periods of time (3 minutes is our known record)
  • It helps build trust and productive and respectful relationships between clients/service users and professionals
  • It reduces need for further interventions that might be more time/resource-consuming
  • It helps professionals understand more about what people actually want
  • It reduces the need for professionals to come up with a "solution" or advice
  • It helps win/win for professionals and their clients/service users


  • 2 days training (approx 7.5 hours each)
  • 4 follow up support sessions (approx 2 hrs each)
  • Minimum 4, Maximum 8 participants

For more information and to discuss your requirements, Contact Jo