“…Jo is a conscientious coach who offers focus and structure in a most comforting and safe way. Jo has a natural ability and drive to help people and it is lucky for me that Jo has chosen to use these talents in a coaching capacity as I have benefitted immensely from these natural skills…”
Senior Leader, Santander

“…From my first consultation I felt comfortable and valued as an individual… I have been able to explore new concepts that have clearly had a positive impact, not only within my working environment but the thread runs through my personal life too. The coaching has enabled me to challenge myself using creative methods and gauge a better understanding as to why sometimes I became stuck…”
Middle Manager, Bedford Borough Council

“… I feel totally different! My team have clear goals and I am able to remove any personal relationship baggage that I felt was hindering me with some of my management decisions. I feel I have been able to make great strides in shaking off practices I had that I thought might be ingrained and have had quite a metamorphosis!”
Senior Leader, NHS  

“… I am more confident and sure of my abilities.  This has then enabled me to contribute to important discussions and develop my service more effectively. This has also helped me network successfully and build new relationships. Adopting the ethos of coaching has also helped me in better supporting my teams. It also made me feel I am not alone and therefore more happy and productive in my work role…”
Senior Leader, NHS

“… excellent training which has already allowed me to help a parent I’m working with come to a solution to an issue they had…”
Family Support Worker, Surestart Children’s Centre

“…the training was engaging and relaxed. It was easy to “flow” with the process and I quickly became confident in using this as a leadership approach at work. My time management has improved dramatically – I’m spending less time on staff issues and they are more empowered – I’m really seeing them start to reach their potential. I actually got to spend time researching and reading this week!”
Manager, Surestart Children’s Centre